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                         with the Vestry:

​​Monica Tramontin  (2022-2023)

Brenda Yuro (2022)

Vestry Members*
​​Nick Birns  (2021-2022)

Clay Carlisle  (2022-2024)

Mary Gaglio-Devine  (2021-2023)

Karen Gough  (2020-2022)

Michael Grosso  (2020-2022)

Jim Mandler  (2022-)

Linda Palmieri  (2022-2024)​​

Lauren Pletzner  (2022-2024)

​Jane Smith (2022-)

* Note: Term ends  after the election at the Annual  Meeting 

Wardens & Vestry 

The Vestry is a board of 9 elected parishioners who make decisions concerning the business and budget of the church.  Members are elected for a three year term which begins after the election.  The Vestry is led by two Wardens (a Senior Warden and a Junior Warden) who are also elected but serve a two year term. 

The Vestry meets the third Tuesday of the month.