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Dear Beloved of St Luke’s,
    We hope you saw the earlier information about our Stewardship Program and, after reading and prayerfully considering your pledge for 2022. We know how precious our community is to us and to those we serve. Although we are blessed with a beautiful church – which is almost now fully renovated – the “church” is much more than the building.
    We will be giving joyfully in thanksgiving for our Church and the good works to which we contribute. St Luke’s is unique in our providing the Daily Offices (Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer, Compline) online as a ministry to our community and the world. We also offer 3 communion services weekly both in person and online. In addition to our own outreach efforts, St Luke’s contributes to the Diocese every year to fund the churches who cannot support themselves and other Diocese wide initiatives.
    St Luke’s has fellowship programs that continue to connect us including the Coffee Hour after the Sunday 10:00 service, Book Club, , Puzzles, and other online materials provided by our Technology Committee. We have been blessed with many volunteers for the Pumpkin Patch and have received much appreciation from the community for carrying on with this tradition. And this year we were able to have the Christmas Fair again.
    We hope this year you will “step up” by contributing and helping with projects. Our congregants have been wonderful in keeping up with their pledges, but we need to have your pledge for 2022 so that we can create our budget for the coming new year. Our other income sources are not back to pre-pandemic levels yet.  As Bishop Chip mentioned in an October sermon, stewardship is more than just pledging funds. Our community works when folks pick an area to which they can contribute their time and talent. There is much going on still. It is not too early to prayerfully consider whether you would like to become a member of the Vestry. You can also be involved through becoming a Lay Reader, helping with the Kitchen at St Mark’s, gathering and delivering our food pantry items, helping the ever busy Building and Grounds Committee, Technology Committee, and the list goes on.
   Thank you in advance for your enthusiastic participation! Everyone we have seen as we change shifts at the pumpkin patch has enjoyed the experience - giving of our time, talent, and treasure is one way we can spread the light.  To facilitate the Vestry’s work in planning a realistic and sensible budget for 2022, please submit your pledge “card”  by Friday December 17th.
    Information about paying your pledge online by using Bill Pay through your bank's Online Banking, as well by credit card through PayPal, is available by CLICKING HERE. If you would like to pay by credit card, please consider adding the amount that St. Luke’s will pay in fees - there is a 2.2% charge plus a $.30 fee for each transaction (e.g. each time your monthly payment for a recurring payment is charged). Linda Zeh, our financial secretary, can help you calculate this amount - Click Here to message her. Please indicate whether or not you are planning to pay this fee on your pledge card so that we can create our budget based on the amount that St. Luke’s will actually receive from PayPal.
   Thank you for your continued support of St. Luke’s so that our outreach and our fellowship go on!
               Yours in Christ,
                      Your Vestry

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