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Even though our buildings are closed, the St. Luke's community continues! So We Need Your Continued Support!

        Despite being closed to protect the health of our congregation, St. Luke's continues on through online services & activities, prayers for each other & the  global community, and member-to-member contact. What are also continuing, unfortunately, are our bills! St. Luke's is not able to raise money in the way we normally do. That is what makes your continued pledging even more important to us as we work our way through the COVID-19 crisis! Below is some information to help you continue to pay  your pledge online.

The BEST way to pay your pledge online is by using Bill Pay through your bank's Online Banking

Things to consider:

  1. Allows all of your pledge money to go directly to St. Luke's  (PayPal charges us a fee for each payment)
  2. Sending a check through you bank's online banking Bill Pay  is most times a free service (check with your bank)
  3. You do not need to pay for stamps! or envelopes! or paper checks!
  4. You can set up a recurring payment so that you don't have to worry about sending a check each month

Here are links to some Online Banking Resources:

For more information or assistance in waking you through setting this up, you can call your bank or message the IT Committee

Another way to pay your pledge online is with a credit card through PayPal

Things to consider:

  • St. Luke's does not receive all of the money you pay - there is a 2.2% charge plus a $.30 fee for each transaction. This adds up quickly and will impact our budget - since our budget is based on receiving the full amount of pledges.
  • If you do want to pay by credit card, please consider increasing the amount so that St. Luke's will receive that actual amount that you pledged.
  • To do this, multiply your pledge amount by  1.0225 and then add $.30. You would be multiplying by 1.0225 versus 1.022 because the fee is also charged on the additional amount. For example, if your pledge is $100:  $100 x 1.0225=$102.25 then add $.30  so you would pay $102.55 through the PayPal form below.  (St. Luke's will be charged $2.56 in fees, so we will receive $99.99)
  • Or use the chart below to add to your pledge to cover the costs of processing your pledge through PayPal 
  • You can also contact our Financial  Secretary to calculate it for you by CLICKING HERE​

Pay Pledge through PayPal

Step 1 - Fill out form & click the SUBMIT button

Don't forget Step 2 after you click submit!

Pay your Pledge Online

Conversion chart of pledge amounts to cover PayPal fees:


Pledge AmountAmount to pay thru PayPal

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