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Suggested Foods: 

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Guidelines for Passover Seder Foods:

In order to connect with our ancestors, their customs and the plight which forced them to leave Egypt before the bread had time to rise, we observe certain customs in the food that may be eaten at the Seder. Insted of listing all of the things we can eat, we will list those that are not eaten at the Seder.  If you need any help modifying or finding a recipes, email us Seder@StLukesMetuchen.org or let us know in the comments of your registration form (above):

  • NO Wheat, Oats, Rye & Barley
  • NO Flour (if you use flour in cooking or baking, use potato or Passover flour)
  • NO Regular Pasta, Noodles  or Couscous - Only Passover pasta or noodles (they are different from kosher noodles)
  • NO Pork
  • NO Shellfish
  • NO Dishes that combine Milk Products & Meat (Beef, Chicken, etc.)
  • NO Non-Kosher wine  - Please bring Manischewitz wine

Tuesday, April  16th 

6 pm

                        Passover Seder

For Christians, Passover is of  special interest.  It is linked to The Last Supper, as  Jesus chose to celebrate the Passover Seder with  his disciples  as the last meal before  he was put to death. It was at  this Seder that  the first Eucharist took place.

 Join us for a wonderful meal, with songs & stories, celebrating the Jews
flight from Egypt, as we  
connect generations -
from our Old Testament
ancestors, to the time of
Jesus, to those of us alive
today -  remembering
those who are free, and
those who are

                               yet to be freed . . . 

​Please arrive by 6 pm so that you can place food & get settled. The Seder will start promptly at 6:15 pm.

Reserve your spot TODAY!

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St. Luke's Annual Passover Seder