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Community Outreach Ministries

Ozanam Men’s Shelter

St. Luke’s has been providing support to the Ozanam Men’s Shelter for many years.  A collection is taken about once a month to support the men lining in this shelter.  

Coordinator - Diane Lebida                 Ozanam@StLukesMetuchen.org

Hot Meals Ministry

Parishioners travel to St. Mark’s in Keansburg on the fourth Sunday of the month to prepare and serve a hot meal to those in need.  The Hot Meals ministry began many years ago serving meals at Elijah’s Promise in New Brunswick.  After hurricane Sandy, St. Mark’s was designated as a relief center and needed help.  Elijah’s Promise had plenty of help so we moved to St. Mark’s.  Those that volunteer to help leave after the 8am service to head to St. Luke’s to prepare the meal which is served between 12 and 3.  Volunteers are welcome to come on their own to arrive by 12 to help serve and clean up.

2014-2015 Season Finale was “Get Your Hot Dogs Here!” The Hot Meals Ministry ended our 2014-15 campaign with a Hot Dog BBQ for the folks down at St. Mark’s in Keansburg.  The group grilled up over 300 franks to go along with a delicious cold pasta salad (thank you Anthony), scrumptious homemade baked beans (thank you Jane) and yummy chili (thank you Jacquie).  Thanks also to our church members who donated home-baked goodies this month – which disappeared instantly!  Over the course of this past campaign, we’re proud to report that we served close to 1,800 meals!  This ministry would not be possible without our AMAZING band of “regulars”: Linda Zeh, Jacquie Storts, Charlotte Gudorp, Bill Nesbitt, Bernadette Ranno, Peter Starlin, Jane Smith – and Joanne and John Butler, who are not members of our parish but who join us every month.  Following our summer respite, we will launch our 2016-17 campaign on Sunday, September 25th. 
​If you are interested in joining our merry band of hash slingers, contact us:

Coordinators - Jim Mandler and Patrick Conley      HotMeal@StLukesMetuchen.org

Walk for Hunger

St. Luke’s participates in the Walk for Hunger each October that is sponsored by the Edison/Metuchen Clergy Associations.  St. Luke’s has been the step off location some years.


Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope is a food pantry located at St. James Episcopal Church in Edison.  In 2012, St. Luke’s partnered with Hands of Hope to provide Christmas gifts for their clients.   Food is collected every Sunday in the basket in the back of the church and delivered to Hands of Hope.


Women's Shelter 

The Women's Shelter is a transitional housing program for abused and homeless women and their children whom St. Luke’s has been providing support to for many years.  Each year during Advent we  present a Christmas gift bag to the moms containing a $25 Target gift card, as well as travel size toiletries, fancy soaps, makeup, lotions, etc.  The collection of toiletries and gift cards usually begins in November. 

Coordinators - Linda Zeh and Diane Lebida     WomenShelter@StLukesMetuchen.org   

Blankets of Hope/Ladies Who Tie Knots

The Ladies Who Tie Knots make blankets of hope for those who are injured in our military.  Fleece is purchased in sets of a printed pattern and a solid piece.   The fleece is measured and cut and slits are cut in the fleece.  The two pieces are then tied together with a square knot.  Once several are completed, they are mailed off to the military. 

Coordinator - Mary  Sinha     Blankets@StLukesMetuchen.org

Clip a Dollar 

St. Luke’s is proud to Sponsor a child from the Good Shepherd Home for Children in Bamenda, Cameroon, West Africa.  This program was introduced to us by Elizabeth Geitz who has written about her time there in I Am That Child.  We have pledged $30 a month towards sponsorship.  Parishioners are asked to place a paperclip, which can be found on the cards in the pews, on their donations towards our sponsorship.

Coordinator - Katherine Young      Clip@StLukesMetuchen.org

Christmas at Sea – Seamen’s Church Institute

The Seamen’s Church Institute provides Christmas gifts of warm hats and scarves along with other items to sailors who visit the port.  St. Luke’s parishioners participate by knitting and crocheting many hats and scarves throughout the year.  Patterns are provided.

     Coordinator - Linda Zeh    ChristmasSea@StLukesMetuchen.org