Recent Comments about the St. Luke's Nails in the Wall Gallery

From an exhibiting Artist: "When my sister and I arrived Saturday afternoon, we heard organ music (Bach) being played in the chapel. When he finished playing that particular piece, he (the Parish Organist) graciously came with us down the hallway, unlocked the door and turned on the gallery lights for us. I was extremely impressed by the overall quality and hanging of the exhibit. We spent a good two hours there, taking some photographs and just soaking everything in. It remains an honor to be in the show and be surrounded by so much quality art and artists!" 
​                                                                       --Robert Eustace, exhibiting artist​​​

​From a Gallery Committee member:  "Wow! It always amazes me how powerful the artwork is when it is seen in person and/or when we get background history in conjunction... I am so humbled to be a part of this remarkable world as a Committee member and the impact it has had on my own life. Words are not enough."
                                                                       ---Dorothy Clark Bilgrav

Previous Exhibit


Adult Exhibit  -  September 22 thru December 31, 2018

    Opening September 22, 2018   2-5 pm

​An exhibit of 27 works by 19 artists designed to provide a glimpse into the souls of the creatures with whom we share the earth.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. This feat of science, creativity, and bravery provided humans with the first view of earth while standing outside a spacecraft, evoking a sense of perspective and wonder about our fragile home, an island in the universe. How are we stewards of the earth? For this exhibit, we invite you to explore the earth, space travel, the universe - all that a moon landing and a sense of the earth and its strength and fragility bring to mind.

Open Daily
M-F 10am-1pm
Sat. 4-6pm
Sun. 11am-1pm

a caring church

Animals - wild and winsome           

Current Exhibit     

This Fragile Earth, our Island Home


        Opening February 2, 2019   2-5 pm

              On Exhibit February 2 thru May 15, 2019

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