Great Spirits Among Us

​​​About the exhibit      

​​​​Humanity is an amazing species!

From individuals who do world-changing things, to those who quietly minister daily to touch lives uncared about by others, we are each extraordinary in our own way.  We read of those who went before us, and are ourselves immersed in a veritable sea of awe-inspiring beings today.

We invite artists to share figurative work of exceptional quality that celebrates one or more of those “great spirits,” alive or gone forward, known by all or known by few

September 25, 2016 – December 31, 2016

17 Oak Avenue

Metuchen, NJ 08840

732 . 548 . 4308

We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from outstanding artists around the world for this exhibit. In addition to work coming from all over the U.S., we will be showing work from Wales, Austria and Anguila. We hope you can be with us for this very exciting exhibition.

The Artists’ Conversation at the Opening / Reception included three accomplished artists: Alexander Zorin will come from Michigan to speak about his iconic religious work; joining him in the conversation was Metuchen artist-illustrator Janice Fried, and East Orange collage artist Onnie Strother. Click below to view the video of their discussion of their work.

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