June 4, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Most parents desire to instill a sense of the sacred, an awareness of God in their children, no matter with what name they address the Deity:
Ya_eh, Allah, the Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Abba, God.

Whether through a Faith Tradition with ancient roots or a very personal, singular approach, imparting a spiritual awareness is most often an important component in parenting. This exhibit offers an opportunity for children to think about this and to share their vision and an opportunity for parents to gain insight about their children’s deepening spirituality.We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from outstanding artists around the world for this exhibit. In addition to work coming from all over the U.S., we will be showing work from Wales, Austria and Anguila. We hope you can be with us for this very exciting exhibition.

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​               The Biennial Children’s Exhibit at Nails in the Wall

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