The first exhibit St. Luke's new Nails in the Wall Gallery presents images of how God is present among us through the eyes of 22 artists from a wide variety of faith traditions. The artists come from ten different states from across our Country, as well as from France. While all of the art hangs on the wall, the works make use of many media, from traditional painting to collage, wall sculpture, and mixed-media to photography.

Each artist speaks of his/her experiences of God through the image created.

Our hope is that those who come to view this exhibit will be able to both delight in the quality of each offering as a well-crafted work, with great integrity purely as a piece of art, as well as an opportunity to reflect on each artists experience of God as presented in the work.

Should you want to know more about a particular piece of art or a specific artist, please refer to the Portfolio Book. In it is a biography and contact information for each artist and background about previous exhibits and commissions.​ 

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One Stream. Many Wells

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September 22, 2012

a caring church

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