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And the Interactive Workshop which coincided 
                        was well-received and appreciated . . . 

“My home and studio in Southern California, and my association with The Society for Calligraphy worldwide, affords me opportunities to instruct - and be instructed - in many facets of lettering arts. I teach ancient, traditional and contemporary letterforms, as well as illumination and illustration, encouraging "play as the highest form of research,” followed up with serious art WORK!”

It is her work included in the exhibit at St. Luke's Nails in the Wall Gallery that attracted Womack to Metuchen and to consider presenting the workshops here. Those who participate in her Metuchen workshops will be introduced to the fundamentals of versal design, and the tools and instruction to build beautifully gilt and illustrated capital letters.

Beautiful & Powerful Statements

​​        The Arts of Calligraphy and Repurposed Materials


“Engaging the Beautiful,” a two-session workshop for adults and teens in illumination and the art of using gold leaf will take place Friday, May 5, 7-9pm and Saturday, May 6, 10am-noon at St. Luke's Episcopal Church's Nails in the Wall Gallery, 17 Oak Ave., Metuchen, NJ.

Sponsored by Nails in the Wall Gallery: A Ministry of St. Luke’s in conjunction with its current exhibit, “Beautiful & Powerful Statements…,” the workshop will be led by award-winning calligrapher and illustrator Beverly Womack.  A resident of Southern California, Womack is a well-known presenter on these topics in museums and art centers all over her home state.

Saturday, May 6, 2017 10am-noon  /  GOLD  RE-PURPOSED!
A look at gold used in Iconography and Illuminated Lettering

This workshop will be include a brief overview of the purpose and techniques of application of gold used in Russian iconography, and Illuminated Versals which embellished early medieval manuscripts. 
Various gold mediums available on the market today will be displayed, discussed, and demonstrated, including Metallic Gel Pens to Gouache to the Zinc/Copper Composite Leaf to 23K Gold Leaf.

Students will be provided with an 8.5 x 14" photocopy of the Gutenberg Bible, and all the tools, supplies and instruction to produce a frameable illuminated manuscript.

Friday, May 5 2017,  7pm –  9pm  /  CAPS FLOURISHED & FLAUNTED!
A study into the purpose and how-to of embellished letter-building

In antiquity, as well as presently, designers use decorated capitals, Versals, to introduce a new chapter, to break up large blocks of text, and even to illustrate the content of the text. A single adorned majuscule may be displayed to represent a family name, or crest. 

References from Lombardic, Gothic, Art Nouveau and Contemporary Versals, along with tools and supplies, will be provided to jump-start each participant to develop, create and draw the structure for an embellished capital letter. 

Engaging the Beautiful
2017 ​Two-Session Workshop
Friday, May 5, 7-9pm & Saturday, May 6, 10am-noon